For the longest time, I wish to document my learning. I wanted a place, a platform where I could store my thoughts on books, talks, articles. I have been writing on my brown leather notebook, but as it seems everytime I wanted to refer to it, I am instantly disoriented, flipping the pages, struggling to find the notes I wrote. When I finally found these notes, I waste a great deal effort to decipher my scribblings. So maybe it is time to finally move on to a virtual space.

My greatest quip about my generation is that we have deliberately stopped pursuing knowledge. We only internalise what is relevant to our curriculum and we do not make the effort to learn about the complicated yet breathtakingly beautiful world we live in. The aim of this virtual space is to hopefully inspire some of us to fall in love with learning again, to pursue knowledge actively. On a personal level, this space is for me to express my thoughts on articles of knowledge, ranging from books, videos, to newspaper articles. It is my treasure trove, where I can deposit nuggets of gold I have picked up for the world to share and for my own personal consumption.

Why the name brainbulking?

Personally, I am a fan of going to the gym  and as I have observed there are hordes of people going to the gym hopefully to bulk, to increase the size of their muscles so that they can look aesthetic and strong. To draw an interesting parallel, I aim to make this virtual space, a gym for my mind, a place to expand and stretch my mental muscle. It is here that I can bulk up my brain, to not only acquire knowledge but to master it. Just like how we wish to be aesthetic, muscular in our physical form, I hope to transcend the physical but to be equally developed in the facets of my intellect.

With that, I begin.

Teaser alert:

One thought on “Begin.

  1. I really like your writing. Please don’t stop with the posts!! Looking forward to your next ones 🙂


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