New Year Resolutions are dumb.

I used to be one of those kids, excitedly penning down my new year resolutions only to see it fail spectacularly.

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Then it hit me, the reason why New Year Resolutions are dumb, it’s because it has always been an extrinsic motivation that does not truly uncover the reason behind why we resolve to do certain things.

For example: “The Common 6 Pack Resolution”

I want to get 6 Pack abs, I want to stop eating Junk Food.

In January 1: We are so resolved, signing up for gym memberships, eating celery sticks and smiling

By 20th January, we are prolly OK with skipping training for a day of watching Youtube videos on Cats, while eating celery sticks and crying (probably)

By March, its back to Nutella with oreos, and tons of KFC, with maybe 1-2 days of working out

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This was me.

I realised why New Year Resolutions has been an absolute failure because I believed that with the New Year, there is a magic antidote that would transform me into a new person. I believed that “New Year New Me” was a truth.

Resolutions=Re(peated) Solutions

This was why the Resolutions never came to actually solving any problem because we lose the motivation to actually carry out the plan. They become repeated solutions to the same old problem that plagues us.

In reality, what I needed to do was discover a true intrinsic motivation for me to change my bad habits (whatever they are: be it oversleeping or being distracted easily by Youtube) I need to first accept that there were certain things unsatisfactory that I did not like and not just say that I want to change them but know why.

New Year Resolutions are useful as a form of timeline indicator that allows us a reference point to track our progress but it will not radically transform our lives. It is discovering what it is we need to change and WHY that change is desperate that only then we will succeed in improving our lives.

So, this year, I would want to challenge my friends reading this, before you desire to change, while the hows are definitely important, the whys are more important!

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