Cutting Sugar, Trudeau-Trump, and Getting Out.

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The Body

Sugar, what is the big fuss about it? In the modern day and age, we are told that sugar is bad for our health. We should avoid sugary foods because we will get diabetes or other health complications such as cardiovascular diseases. But before we simply listen to this and run away from all things sugar, I want to give everyone a quick cheat sheet on sugar.

This cheat sheet provided here gives everyone a quick breakdown of what are the different kinds of sugars out there in the market, tackles questions on whether fruit sugars are bad for us, why we should avoid assuming health drinks like Boost are automatically good for us, and glycemic index for foods which can help us understand what we consume better.


 sugar GIF
Sketch of my 10 year old self.


A quick TLDR is that sugar especially artificial sugars we consume are not only addictive but laden with calories, that causes us to overeat and push us into a caloric surplus (if we do not monitor our sugar intake and trust me, we don’t monitor most of the time)


A 500ml Coke Bottle contains 210 calories with 53g of carbohydrates of which all are pure sugar. Compare that to 1 large Fuji Apple which is 150 calories with 28 grams of sugar.


Image result for coca cola and apple fruit comparison
Think about how crazy this actually is!

Furthermore, Coke is what we call empty calories where it has 210 calories but none of it actually provides nutrients for our body. Conversely, as the saying goes an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Apples have fibre, micronutrients such as vitamins that boost our immune system and make us stronger.


 eat apples GIF
Even Leonidas eats apples



Well, so how do I effectively fight back against eating too much sugar? These are some of the personal hacks that I have tried.


 donut GIF
Who donut love doughnuts??!

1. Fruits

Fruits are awesome substitutes for your craving for doughnuts. While they contain sugar, they generally have a low glycaemic index that would not spike your insulin level up. They are also very low in calories.

 food & drink orange banana fruit watermelon GIF
For example, a box of blueberries which you can buy from Sheng Siong is only 87 calories. 2.5 boxes of blueberries gets you the same amount of calories as Coke. Not to mention the antioxidants in blueberries that come free as well.

HOWEVER, portion control is key still. Do not be mistaken and over-eat fruits because they still contain sugars and adhere to the 1-2 portion rule that we have learnt since young.

2. Water

Image result for water bottled

Hydration is key. Drink tons of water. We all know the benefits of water. (insert hyperlink) Sometimes our body confuses thirst to be sugar craving/ hunger. So always drink water to make sure that your body is not sending the wrong signalsSugar-free soft drinks

3. Sugar-free soft drinks


 sugar coke zero sources testthis GIF
Literally zero sugar!


If you really love your soft drinks, you can get some of that Coca Cola or Sprite Zero. They are zero calories. People argue that the presence of artificial sweeteners like sodium cyclamate can cause cancer if you drink Coke Zero. However, as proven scientifically, this only happens if you drink 550 cans of Coke Zero a day (even then, studies proved to be inconclusive to show that sodium cyclamate is a carcinogen), daily over a sustained period of time which is highly unlikely. Thus, it means that for you to have a 1.5 litre of it sitting in your fridge to sustain you over the week will not cause you to get cancer.


4. Just don’t

 dating whatshouldwecallme wswcm just dont baby voice GIF

What that means is don’t even buy it. You cannot be tempted by what you do not have in your fridge. The moment you choose to buy that Lay’s Potato chips at the supermarket, you are already setting yourself up to fail because you know sooner or later you will eat it. So next time, just avoid, avoid and avoid the fast food section.

Willpower is a finite resource as scientific studies have proven (Go read The Power of Habit), so don’t place yourself in compromising situations!

If you guys want more tips and specific foods you can get, leave a comment or sent a text whatsoever, I will be more than willing to help.

The Mind


 obama awkward barack obama handshake cringe GIF
Handshake game smooth as butter!


Mr. Trudeau is back at it again, in the game of memes, trending on our twitter and facebook feeds. But, man it ain’t all roses, chocolate and raining money. 

A while back, I shared an article on how Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau are eerily similar who were both master manipulators of media.

Upon reading this article again, I found myself fanboying to the coolness of Justin Trudeau. While I am not Canadian and do not claim an intimate knowledge of Canadian politics. What I gleaned away from this is that us, the masses(both media and citizens) are often caught up in the spotlight shining on our celebrity-politicians.


 trump donald trump GIF
dance moves as fire as his policies

When Trump spews forth his fiery, far-right, overtly nationalist rhetoric coupled with the frequent controversial statements, or when Trudeau is dazzling you with his well-timed photos of him cuddling pandas or explaining some well-rehearsed answer on quantum computing, it is easy to be attracted to these juicy moments

While Trump’s actions make the general American public scrutinise his actions as President even more and criticise his policies. His actions become an extension of the problematic character he embodies.


 justin trudeau GIF
The right answer for any question in 2015


Conversely, Trudeau’s seemingly “perfect and fun”  is capable of being a sleight of hand trick , unwittingly distracting the public from more pertinent issues in Canadian politics like  how they can claim to fight climate change while providing economic support to the two pipelines in Canada and Keystone XL or why they signed off on a C$15bn deal to sell weaponized military vehicles to Saudi Arabia despite the nagging worry that vehicles supplied will be used by the House of Saud against its own people.

Quoting Stephen Colbert, “politics is supposed to be boring”. The value of a government lies not in entertaining us but making tough and sometimes unpopular decisions meant to advance the nation.

While Singapore is far from the perfect government that has ever existed, there were times the boring and mundane decisions made proved to be a boon for the nation.

For example, the choice to move the whole of the civil service offline onto a separate domain of the intranet proved to be massively unpopular among civil servants, where their convenience was being compromised for an imaginary threat that did not exist. Yet, this call precipitated the WannaCry virus that hit Singapore and multiple countries this year, if not for the decision to move offline into our intranet system. Singapore would currently be facing one of the worst cyber crisis in its civil administration.

So maybe we need to realise that politics is not like the NBA Finals or the EPL where we can treat them like games. Instead, maybe it is meant to be boring and mundane so that when we pay attention, it is given to what truly matters

Thus, the onus lies on us as citizens to remain educated and distinguish between the meat and the sauce, which is to hold our governments accountable for the policies they implement.


The Tools


(Clearly not sponsored)

A current purchase that I am really enjoying now is this wireless earpiece that I bought eons back

Image result for creative wp-250
Creative WP-250

The reason why I think it is such a good purchase for myself is that

  1. It’s really cheap (snagged it off for $29 at an IT Fair a while back)
  2. It sits comfortably in your ears and does not cause massive discomfort over a prolonged period of time.
  3. It is durable and has a relatively long battery life.

I have been using it to power my workouts for the past year or so.

 fitness arnold schwarzenegger weightlifting GIF

While its quality is not surreal, with that “all around you” audio, it has been loud and its noise cancelling function has allowed me to zone in and really concentrate on my workout. Furthermore, it is sweatproof! So be it cardio or weightlifting, it really keeps you in the zone, hassle-free.

Guess what?

Obama girl omg barack obama jimmy kimmel live GIF

PSA: They are going to be part of the PC show at Marina Bay Sands Expo from 1 June to 4th June!

Feel free to hit up CREATIVE, help Singapore technology companies grow!



The Spectacle

The movie “Get Out” has been phenomenal not only in its ratings, cinematic artistry but also in the message that it sends to its viewer.
I do not want to spoil the movie or the video, so if you are interested in movie history, social commentary and racial relations in cinematography, click on the link and enjoy 🙂

Get Out Explained: Symbols, Satire & Social Horror

This movie was chillingly good because I realised that the more I watch, the more I realised that truth is I was closer to the antagonist (Armitage) and not the protagonist in Chris. While this was set in America, the truths spoken forth in the movie is applicable to us, Chinese Singaporeans.

If I could summarise what spoke to me the most (among many other things) was the scene where Chris was informed of how the brain surgery will happen over the television. Although the Armitage family do not seek to completely destroy Chris, they wish to exploit his body by suppressing his voice through taking over his brain. Thus his consciousness will “live in a sunken place.”

Get Out Movie horror wtf scary crying GIF

He will be living and alive. He is in his body, yet he has become a backseat passenger of his own life.

That reminded me of this term: “Chinese Privilege”, which has obviously re-surfaced itself in Singapore due to the Ah Boys to Men controversy with Shrey (especially, with the police being involved)

 social warrior justice kind GIF

Most of us, including myself would often be quick to dismiss this as some kind of bone-picking, some social justice warrior term.  We would jump to defend ourselves, saying overt racism does not exist anymore, races are all equal in this society.

Yet, just like this movie, it is not the outright discriminatory racism that needs addressing. It is the subtle and potentially racist tendencies within us, be it conscious or sub-conscious that requires us to tackle head on.

When we talk about minority races and insist that such a privilege accorded to us does not exist, we are like the Armitage. We are not concerned with a deep engagement and understanding of other races, we suppress conversations of progress in racial relations through our superficial engagement with other races.

Get Out Movie horror fight scared scary GIF

We force our brothers of other races, to live in the sunken place. They might be as Singaporean as us, but they are relegated to become backseat passengers with no agency whatsoever in ensuring a truly racially harmonious society. They become like what Chris was supposed to be, where they live in our society but denied the right (because we continue to sweep things under the rug) to be treated as fair and equals as us. Conversely, we become the self-congratulatory and oblivious people with no understanding of the underlying inequality between the races.

Inadvertently, we might become the very people that pat ourselves on the back for not seeing a problem, because we closed our eyes in the first place. 

So, to everyone (including myself), maybe we don’t need to speak, we just need to listen. 

PS: We can all start with getting the names of our friends right.

The Logos

Image result for opposite of love is not hate

If we love what we do, there is no reason to be indifferent.

If we love our family/friends/girlfriend, there is no reason to be indifferent.

If we love our country, there is no reason to be indifferent.


As usual,

Burn fat

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